Euer Jugendrat

What is a youth council?

The youth council consists of young people who are elected every two years by the children and young people in the children’s and youth centre. This youth council then represents your interests in our house and in politics.

Youth Council Election 2023

Due to the special situation of the last few years, we had no opportunity to elect a “real” youth council. We’ll catch up on that now!

From Monday, March 6th until Friday, March 10th you can cast your votes!

2 people from the age of 10 and 2 people from the age of 13 are elected.

After we counted the votes on Friday, we’ll celebrate with you! There will be more information about this in our program when the time comes.

Who is in the youth council?

Until then your provisional youth council is:

Nele Matthies

Hello, I’m Nele and I’m 16 years old. I like doing something with children. I really enjoy going to the youth centre and drawing is my passion.