Prevention Council of SG Zeven, AG Integration

– Exchange,
– joint projects
– Cafè international,
– Spring Festival

Diakonisches Werk Zeven/Bremervörde

Womens breakfast

Street-Socialwork of AWO

Outdoor activities: Breslauer Straße / Am Rehmenfeld

Kinderfreundliche Kommune e.V.

Coordinator: Elisabeth Brückner


Scools / Police

Exchange, joint projects: “Wir sind stark”, “Wir sind Klasse”;
Homework support

Meeting of social work with schools and street socialwork

Exchange, own projects: children from families with addiction problems

Social table

Introduction of the social institutions, exchange

Counseling Centres

Accompaniment to the first contact, prevention

Women’s Representative

International women’s breakfast

AK Girls

Exchange, joint projects: girls’ action day

District youth care

Funding applications for trips / projects / equipment / purchases

Zeven wie Zusammenhalt e.V.