Here you can find all downloads at a glance!

The forms are in German as that is the official language. If you need help with them let us know!

We live in the age of data protection and we take that seriously.

If we are allowed to take photos of you or your children and publish them, we need this in writing.

You can find the form here!


For various events, especially if an overnight stay or a trip is included, we need an educational assignment. You can find the form here!

DownloadErziehungsbeauftragung (“Muttizettel”)

There is currently a waiting list for the homework help.

You are welcome to fill in the form so that we can find a place for you as soon as possible.

Please note that the waiting time can be several months and there is no guarantee a place will be available at all.

DownloadHausaufgabenhilfe Anmeldung


This is the so-called unicycling license.