Painting project in the hall of the JZZ Zeven

Sometimes white walls make sense. But there must also be colorful corners in a children’s and youth center! That is why we are currently doing a painting project in which we paint a wall in the event room with children from Zeven and the surrounding area.

We’re not done yet, but a few corners are looking really good! The colorful cat, for example, is already finished.

Jacqueline turned the wall into a giant paint-by-numbers. This means that everyone knows which color is going where and can work independently. That sounds easy, but it still takes a lot of patience and concentration.

The action has been a lot of fun for the children and young people so far and they will probably remember proudly for a long time which areas they filled with color.

Would you like to participate in our next project? You will find further information on the Kinder- und Jugendhaus Zeven page.