Project week climate protection+sustainability

Climate week in the children’s and youth center

With the project week on the subject of climate protection and sustainability, the children’s and youth center is one of four winning projects from the Sparkasse Rotenburg Osterholz and has received a subsidy of 2500 euros.

The first part of the project week took place during the autumn holidays. A colorful range of workshops awaited the children and young people. Jewelry made from recycled materials, a painting competition, natural cosmetics, a trip to the climate house, the construction of a compost box, a flea market and regional cooking were offered. All children and young people experienced exciting autumn holidays.

A highlight of the project week was a trip with 40 children to the climate house in Bremerhaven. The children have crossed five continents and nine locations. The journey went via Switzerland, to Sardinia, to the Niger, to Cameroon in the Antarctic, on to Samoa, Alaska and back to Germany. Everyone sweated, froze and got information from a great guided tour about how the prevailing climate affects the lives of people from all over the world. It was a very successful trip and an impressive and informative experience for many children.

Overall, it was a fun project week that will be continued during the Easter holidays. Plans include building and planting raised beds, a trip to the Wolfscenter in Dörverden, repairing and beautifying old clothing, building a solar box to charge mobile phones and much more. In this way sustainability and climate protection can be experienced by children and young people.