The “Einradgirls” at the ODM 2019 in Nümbrecht

Saturday, 16.11.2019

The weekend from November 15 to 17, 2019 was a special event for the unicycle girls Zeven and all participating unicycle freestylers. The SSV Nümbrecht invited people to prove themselves and to compete in individual, couple, small and large group freestyle on the unicycle.

Our unicycle girls met their trainers Sarah Ahrens and Imke Heins at the youth centre. Then, the cars full of unicycles and sports bags, they set off for Cologne.

Joana Treu and Hannah Glaßmeyer were the first to do their “Snowwhite” freestyle in the U16 age category on Saturday, the first competition for the unicycle girls. After that, on the same evening, Imke Hans and Sarah Ahrens started their freestyle “Black Swan” in the 24+ category, based on the ballet story Swan Lake. So they even managed to secure 4th place at the German championships!

The unicycling girls spent a more or less relaxing night in a primary school next to the SSV Nümbrecht sports centre. This was followed by the day of small and large group competitions. There, Sarah Schnoewitz, Laurina Treu, Sophie Behrens and Theresa Oetinger competed as a small Avenger group for Zeven. With the large group freestyle “Legion” of the unicycle girls Zeven, they made it to 10th place among the best German unicycle freestylers on Sunday. Unicyclists in the large group were at the German championship: Imke Heins, Sarah Ahrens, Hannah Glaßmeyer, Theresa Oetinger, Anneke Heitmann, Lena Heitmann, Sarah Schnoewitz, Joana Treu, Laurina Treu, Sophie Behrens, Lilli Alpers and Sara Pigorsch.

On Sunday evening after the award ceremony, the unicycling girls made their way home to Zeven after a successful weekend, comfortably exhausted.

Would you like to experience the unicycle girls live or even try yourself out on the unicycle? Then take a look at the unicycle girls & boys Zeven page! We’ll keep you up to date with current dates.